2012 Water Korea Exhibition ˝Best company Award given by me…
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The Festival of Advanced Water and Waste Water Management ! 
2012 WATER KOREA was held for 4 days between 19th, March and 22nd, April at Korea city ILsan KINTEX exhibition center.

Samjin Precision Co., Ltd. exhibited 40 technologies and new products from subsidiary companies; Samjin JMC, Samjin Korea and SP&C. Samjin Precision Co., Ltd., moreover, having made independent boothes of valves of petrochemicals/oil valves from Samjin JMC and 2 others, tried to make people know about valves of Samjin Korea and eco-friendly products "PASCON"whille making their own booth.
Introducing new products including presure-release check valve, Samjin Precisions Co., Ltd. sucessfully received people's attention, while openning Beer Bars for exhastive customers on this exhibition.
We, Samjin Precisin Co., Ltd. thanked you all again for your continuous affection about us, and we will try harder to give you satisfication from  your expectation.
Thank you very much.


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