˝Warm feeling of SamJin´s family and Love of customers wit…
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  The company gathers mind of warm love which customers give in social welfare Yoelwon, Seongyosep dementia center, child foundation, our teenagers shelter and Dae-jeon welfare Mandure etc. in this year end of the year and channeled 20 million wons suitable donation in each engine by love of customers.
Specially, We practiced with body to approach step better to difficult neighborhood not that this year channels donation simply that SamJin volunteer organization delivers direction rice to difficult neighborhood of our area with Sanne dong inhabitants center.
Thank for unwavering customer´s love and Samjin´s family will do their best in social responsibility of enterprises that love of customer with more neighborhoods trying more hard in next year and gets restored in society.

At this year, I heartily thank to customers.

Happy new year!!


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