The first workshop for management future and top enterprise …
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   We held the first workshop for management future and top enterprise growth of Samjin last 12 day.

48 attendants execute intense debate dividing into 3 items and progressed announcement contest in the morning.

The first team, BRAIN team has subject how could become top-ranking company and discussed problem and improvement direction and  the second team, Samjin DNA creation team analyze past Samjin culture, current Samjin culture deeply and deduced problem and solution plan.

The third team that award 500,000 wons till now to first of honor in announcement contest top enterprise because they had conducted various thematic controversial point and solution plan logically such as enterprise internal side, social side, future possibility side and system, benefits, capacity and loyalty .

In afternoon, We had important time that make better Samjin through announcement and debate by company, by post.

We will try more to become good enterprise which can approach one step more to guest through periodical workshop forward.


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